Generation T
Who, me?
Yes, it's only YOU who can stop prejudice.

You are a unique generation. You are young, you have access to information, you travel, you have the opportunity to see diversity and not be afraid of it. The power to eliminate prejudice is in your hands. You are Generation T (in Slovak can be read also as generation YOU).

What is it about?

Join the Generation T project, which aims to spread awareness of migration and to promote the protection of vulnerable – ethnic or religious – groups. You'll find out how stereotypes arise and why we have prejudices. You will learn more about the lives of foreigners in our society and you will be able to explore what we have in common, despite some differences. We have all experienced assumptions and prejudices, but together we can show that each of us is much more than it seems at first glance.

What can I do?

Watch a short video to find out why we have prejudices and how stereotypes arise. Download an overview of tips on how you can contribute to a world without prejudice in which we understand each other. Choose the way you like the most and start.

What about me as a teacher? Can I somehow engage my students?

For teachers, we have prepared a video that provides an introduction to the topic of identity and prejudice, as well as a methodology for elaboration of the topic with students. If you have any questions, please contact us via our communication channels.

I have questions

Feel free to contact us on and we'll advise you on everything.


Tips on how to contribute to a world without prejudice

Tips on how to contribute to a world without prejudice are for young people (and everyone) who want to be more engaged in the topic of identity, stereotypes and prejudice. Choose the way you can contribute to a world without prejudice and strengthen mutual understanding in your classroom, family or city. The document is in Slovak.

Methodological material

This methodological material is intended for teachers, educators and lecturers in formal and non-formal education who would like to discuss the topic of identity, prejudice and stereotypes with their students. It is suitable for teachers of young people from the last grades of the 2nd level of primary schools to undergraduates.


Poster: Generation T, format A2.


Flyer: Generation T, format A5.

Implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic within the financed framework for the promotion, support and protection of human rights and freedoms and for the prevention of all forms of discrimination, racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and other manifestations of intolerance. Mareena is completely responsible for the content of this document.